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June 2022

Lease Extension 101 More Details
28/06/2022 12:00:00
The law relating to these areas is complex and often misunderstood. The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (and associated legislation and regulations) is fraught with pitfalls for the unwary which if overlooked or ignored could cause substantial problems for your client as well as a potential negligence claim for your firm. In addition, there are proposals to change the rules for lease. Should your client wait and see, or do they need to act now?

July 2022

Level 3 Client Care Skills Webinar More Details
04/07/2022 13:00:00
A series of two webinars to provide insight into the requirements of Level 3 Client Care Skills.
An Introduction to Administration of Estates More Details
06/07/2022 12:00:00
The process of administering an estate can be daunting, especially if you are starting out in the area of private client. This webinar is designed to consider some of the key issues such as the process for applying, tax, family disputes and Inheritance Act claims.
Clinical Negligence: Key Concepts - Bundle Available More Details
07/07/2022 12:00:00
Delivered by experienced Clinical Negligence Practitioner, Rubina Khanom, this webinar is the second of a series of three clinical negligence events.
Level 3 Legal Research Skills Webinars More Details
07/07/2022 13:00:00
These webinars will provide support and guidance for the submission of Level 3 Legal Research Skills assignments.
Level 6 Client Care Skills Webinar More Details
07/07/2022 13:00:00
A series of webinars to provide insight into the requirements of Level 6 Client Care Skills.
Level 6 Induction Webinar More Details
09/07/2022 10:00:00
A welcome induction webinar, introducing you to the CILEX Law School Academic Team and other students.
Managing your first team More Details
12/07/2022 12:00:00
Offering an introduction to what will be ‘life long’ learning as a leader, this webinar is for those new to management, highlighting areas you need to be aware of when managing and developing staff.
Family Litigation CPD: HMLR Traps for Family Lawyers More Details
13/07/2022 14:00:00
Family lawyers must consider what steps to take to protect their client’s interest in property during divorce or separation. Join this webinar to learn how to prevent falling foul of HMLR’s ever changing requirements.
Private Client CPD: An Introduction to the Court of Protection More Details
14/07/2022 12:00:00
Mental capacity work is now commonplace in private client practices and it is likely that practitioners will find themselves in a situation where they must consider Court of Protection applications. This webinar is designed to introduce you to the court process for the appointment of a deputy or deputies, and the information needed for making the application.
Menopause in the workplace - A manager's guide More Details
19/07/2022 12:00:00
This workshop will guide you through how your support will help team members to keep performing at their best through the menopause transition.
How to Value a Clinical Negligence Claim - Bundle Available More Details
19/07/2022 12:00:00
Delivered by experienced clinical negligence practitioner, Rubina Khanom, this one hour webinar is the third of a series of three clinical negligence events.
Legal Tech: Segmentation and Seamless Integrations More Details
19/07/2022 13:00:00
The legal world is awash with jargon, but legal tech is equally culpable when it comes to buzzwords. This webinar will deconstructs many of the myths around legal tech and improve understanding of the legal tech and innovation market, and the impact on law as a business.
CILEX AGM 2022 More Details
19/07/2022 13:30:00
The Annual General Meeting for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives 2022
Conveyancing CPD: AML - Key Issues for Conveyancers More Details
20/07/2022 14:00:00
This webinar highlights the importance of AML due diligence for conveyancers.
Making Complex Applications in the Court of Protection - Private Client Practitioners More Details
21/07/2022 12:00:00
It is often assumed that you only need to go to the Court of Protection if a deputy has to be appointed for a person lacking capacity. This webinar will explain how the Court of Protection can assist in many different types of application.
Adverse possession - 'Squatters rights' More Details
27/07/2022 12:00:00
Adverse possession or 'Squatter's rights' has three different regimes, with very different outcomes. Dates are vital to identify which one applies so you can tell the clients whether they have no chance or a good chance.
Private Client CPD: AML & Trusts Registration More Details
28/07/2022 12:00:00
The rules are constantly being adapted and altered by HMRC and are not easy to follow – the rules will affect a significant number of trustees who may be unaware of the changes introduced. This means firms have to be aware of their responsibilities both in terms of informing clients and retaining information for trusts managed by the professionals themselves.

August 2022

Private Client CPD: Trusts Taxation, Registration & Management More Details
03/08/2022 12:00:00
This webinar will help practitioners advise on trusts, their taxation structure and which trusts should be registered on the trust registration scheme. A failure to advise clients properly can result in negligence claims against your firm.
Boundary Disputes & Registered Land More Details
17/08/2022 12:00:00
Many people are surprised to discover that the red line on the registered title plan may not be the legal boundary, nor was it ever intended that this was its purpose, nor does it mean the Land Registry have drawn the red line in the wrong place. The legal boundary may be in a different place and many factors need to be considered - the physical elements, old pre-reg deeds, and common law presumptions.

September 2022

Highway Law Outline More Details
07/09/2022 12:00:00
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the current law and practice in relation to highways and is relevant to those advising clients on highways issues whether in connection with preparation for or actual development of sites or in connection with purchases of residential properties on new estates.
Acting as a Professional Deputy in the Court of Protection More Details
08/09/2022 12:00:00
There are thousands of professional deputies in England and Wales acting on behalf of clients that lack capacity. However, it is imperative that practitioners are aware of the standards, rules, and regulations in this area to ensure that they manage these affairs correctly.
File reviews and Financial Compliance More Details
08/09/2022 14:00:00
File reviews are often carried out with little time or attention given to the financial compliance aspect of a legal transaction. . This webinar talks you through the ingredients of a good financial compliance file review and provides you with some common breaches to look out for.
Imposter Syndrome Workshop More Details
13/09/2022 12:00:00
This workshop will be exploring the signs and symptoms of imposter syndrome, the impact it has on our daily lives and some strategies for managing it.
Conveyancing CPD: An Introduction to Listed Buildings More Details
14/09/2022 14:00:00
In addition to standard planning issues there are a host of other concerns when dealing with a listed building which this introductory webinar will outline.
CILEX Management Development Programme More Details
20/09/2022 09:00:00
This interactive management programme provides the opportunity to explore your own styles and preferences, understand how this is perceived by others and have a go within the safety of the learning environment.
Build a Powerful Brand to attract and retain clients More Details
21/09/2022 12:30:00
Join Deborah who will walk you through exactly what personal branding is (it’s not all about a fancy Instagram feed and lovely suit!) and how it is a powerful tool to help you build reputation and profile, attracting and retaining the best clients, and ensuring they become advocates for your service.

October 2022

Private Client CPD: An Introduction to Trusts Drafting More Details
06/10/2022 12:00:00
Trusts are a fantastic option for clients whether they are set up in their lifetime or in a will. However, often they are not prepared correctly, and this can lead to problems such as the objectives of the trust not being met, or beneficiaries losing out on assets or inheritance. This webinar will guide you through the drafting of a trust and what you need to look out for in different types of trust.
Conveyancing CPD: An Introduction to Agricultural Land More Details
12/10/2022 14:00:00
Conveyancing solicitors are sometimes faced with having to deal with the acquisition of a small area of agricultural land, perhaps for use as garden land or a paddock or for grazing. This introductory webinar is designed to assist the conveyancer who has to deal with these occasional transactions.
CILEX Graduation and Admission Ceremony 2022 - Morning session More Details
15/10/2022 11:00:00
Celebrate your hard work and achievements with loved ones, friends, fellow CILEX members, CILEX Board and CILEX staff.
CILEX Graduation and Admission Ceremony 2022 - Afternoon session More Details
15/10/2022 16:00:00
Celebrate your hard work and achievements with loved ones, friends, fellow CILEX members, CILEX Board and CILEX staff.
CILEX Time Management Workshop More Details
20/10/2022 12:00:00
Learn to manage your time better, using top tips and SMART objective setting, as well as some key prioritising techniques and the art of saying no.

November 2022

Emotional Intelligence Workshop More Details
09/11/2022 12:00:00
Emotional intelligence - what does it mean? Learn some top tips on developing your EQ.
Conveyancing CPD: Completion Procedures – The Challenges More Details
16/11/2022 14:00:00
Many conveyancing firms streamline their processes and different teams handle different elements of the transaction. In many cases, the post completion work is handled by a member of the administration or support team rather than the fee earner. Is this a good idea?

December 2022

Conveyancing CPD: Risks and Indemnity Insurance More Details
12/12/2022 14:00:00
Conveyancers are frequently faced with problems which find them turning to indemnity insurance as the solution. Insurance is seen as the answer to most problems – but what are the risks?